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Designed, built and marketed by CAS,
the SM Series Loudspeakers have evolved over time. Many years of research and development have been applied to the present SM line. The SM series speakers are the most advanced of speakers of their kind. Engineered to exacting standards, this precision loudspeaker is redefining excellence in several areas.
Bookshelf Speakers

High output with low distortion:
Our refusal to accept the status quo in this area, in addition to our love for the listening experience, has driven us to design an exceptionally efficient (97db), stand alone (with out the use of a sub woofer) speaker system. It had to meet very demanding criteria. It must be able to generate over 115 dB SPL from 35 Hz to 18.5 kHz (2db down point) with very low levels of distortion. IT also must be able to deliver above average listening levels with a mere 5 watt input.

Smooth response and proper recreation of soundstage:
As we know, there is always a compromise between sensitivity and damping (a physical characteristic that minimizes unwanted resonances and harmonic distortion.) With this in mind, no two people would agree on where the line should be drawn. We at CAS have drawn that line where we felt appropriate. One of our most valued resources is the suggestions and constructive criticism of our customers. We want you to be confident that the SM line is delivering a richly detailed soundstage and a superb depth of field with unsurpassed transparency. For this reason, we commonly encourage people to "test drive" our speakers and perform an A B comparison alongside several other systems. It is of utmost importance that you are happy with all CAS products.

The two main concerns in regards to reliability with any speaker system are thermal overload and over excursion. We have taken every possible step to implement a wide variety of safe guards on all CAS speakers in these areas. Unlike most manufactures, we have thermal protection on all transducers; not just on the high frequency transducers. In addition to this, the SM series speakers use a specifically designed crossover to gain excursion control. We often utilize three different slope angles; Second order, Third order and Fourth order. The original prototype crossover employed 25 lbs. of copper wire!

Enclosure Design:
The cabinet design is a result of many long nights using computer aided design and bench testing many prototypes. It is geometrically optimized and utilizes an internal divider to isolate the midrange driver from the woofer. The divider acts as internal bracing to add structural integrity to the already exceptionally (?rigid)rigged, handcrafted shell made from exceptionally thick material (up to 1.15"). The extreme stability of this unit minimizes harmonic and modulation distortion by eliminating panel resonances. The SM series is available with a choice of several different grain styles and shades to match the environment for which it is to be placed.

Cost vs. Performance:
When we originally set out to create a loudspeaker that would operate comfortably on a 5 watt amp, generate 35 Hz 18.5 kHz (2 db down) with 97db sensitivity and sell it for a reasonable price, we were told that this would be next to impossible. As time went on, we could see light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, one year later, the SM series speakers are a reality. On a Final Note, you can be assured that when purchasing any of the SM series speakers, you are receiving a product that you can be proud of for many years to come. Contact your nearest CAS dealer for a demo of our meticulously engineered products.

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